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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Trolden 3 yo (2012/2015), 61 %

Review #224
This has been matured in a 50-liter bourbon cask from 23/05-2012 to 24/11-2015. The ABV had actually increased during the maturation, so it was watered down to 61 from 67 %. The smell is very sweet. Marzipan overpowers everything else in the beginning. After some minutes, it starts to open up for other notes. Considering that it is only 3,5 years old, the malt influence is very discreet. The smell is quite young though and rough spirit notes is dominant in the end.

This is fun. A lot of things is going on here. First tobacco, leather and hints of anise or licorice in the taste. Afterwards, in the finish, some oak influence appears with some vanilla and marzipan sweetness in the end. Very rough with the heavy flavors and the high ABV.

It starts incredible sweet and you think this will like a dessert wine, but then you taste it, and all of these rough tobacco and leather notes appear. It is rough, a man’s dram or a farmers dram I would call it. I will give this 81/100 (19/20/20/22).

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