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Friday, March 22, 2019

Jameson, Select Reserve – Small Batch, 40%

Review #760
This has a lot of first fill Bourbon and Sherry casks in the mix. This should in theory, make it a much richer whiskey, than what you normally get from Jameson. We shall see. You get the clean and fresh Irish character in the smell, but with an addition of sweet raisins, vanilla and dates.

Exactly the same in the taste, but the Irish character is even more noticeable – and so are the Sherry influence. Very sweet in the finish, with vanilla, white sugar and the sweetness from the dried fruits coming forward. For a 40% whiskey, it actually stays for quite a while.

Too bad it has been discontinued! Definitely one of the better Jameson’s – even Irish whiskey’s (that’s maybe taking it a bit far), out there! Rich in flavours, and so sweet that it reminds you of old grain (I bet there is some good grain whiskey in the mix!). I can only imagine this at a higher strength!! I will give this 84/100 (21/20/22/21).

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